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Terms and Conditions

The London School of Enterprise Development agrees to enroll you on your chosen online small business management course(s) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • That a mutual online relationship exists between the parties and that you understand and agree that all elements of the course will be delivered online.
  • Answers to questions asked as part of the learning experience must be submitted and will be responded to online.
  • All fees must be paid as and when due, either by a single installment or a maximum of 3 installments.
  • LONSED retains the copyright to all material produced under its umbrella, including writers and editors commissioned to assist with development of courses. Students are entitled to use the school’s materials on license during the period they’re registered with The School.
  • LONSED reserves the right to institute action where its copyrights to its materials are breached. We assert our rights to material and course contents we’ve developed and in the United Kingdom and worldwide
  • Course material is for your personal learning purpose and you agree not to reproduce LONSED’s course material (electronically, print or in any other medium) for distribution to any individuals or outlets, however defined. LONSED’s material should on no account be passed on to third parties whether for payment or any other reasons.
  • LONSED awards its Certificates or Diplomas at its discretion and the discretion of the examiners board at the end of the programme
  • Certificate Award – we award you a certificate of completion when you self-certify completion of the course and Certificate of Achievement if you submit the three essays relating to the course. You are required to opt for one generic section and one specific section and choose one other left as an open choice. In both instances your certificate is designated; Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement in Restaurant Management (for example).