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Right now, we’re working closely with accrediting bodies and expect accreditation will be granted for our small and medium size business management course in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, do bear in mind that these management courses have been developed, examined and approved by experienced professionals from the appropriate sector background. We can announce here that students should be assured that their Certificates and Diplomas will carry one or more of these; logo, insignia and/or symbol of the accrediting body once accreditation is achieved, even if it’s retrospectively awarded or reissued with the Certificate or Diploma where necessary.

Courses range between Levels 3-5 of the National Qualification Framework, NQF

Students who spend 3 hours on each of the 14 modules should complete a course in 42 hours (over six months) following registration. Students who elect to be examined should spend another 3 hours on revision, for each of the 3 topics you select to write an essay on. And a further 90 minutes, on answering each of 3 essays. This gives a total course time of:

Study time (3 hours x 14 modules) 42 hours
Revision (3 hours per session/section x 3 modules) 9 hours
Essay writing time (1.5 hours per essay x 3 essays) 4.5 hours

Any student not completing the course within the first six months will be eligible to register for $65 per month for access to continued support and guidance on a subscription basis.

With some courses, payment can be made in up to 3 instalments, however, many students prefer to make payment in a single instalment and be done with it.

Yes, subject to meeting the relevant Terms and Conditions, you will be awarded a Certificate or Diploma.

Yes, you can register on more than one course subject to payment of the appropriate fees, and non-contravention of the school’s terms and conditions at any point in time.

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