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The Travel Industry Is Still Very Much Alive and Kicking!

The pressures of climate change, the ease of self-service, internet flight-booking, threat of terrorism, fear of skyjacking and similar issues contribute to the popular refrain that the travel agency industry is dying. The recent fate of Thomas Cook, a now defunct, UK based travel agency, has served only to reinforce this widely-held belief.

Image And yet, despite COVID-19, when a vaccine has been developed or the disease contained in some other way, people will, more than ever, want to fulfil their need to travel either for leisure, to visit family or for business purposes. And not everyone has the time, expertise or inclination to plan and book their own trip. Quite apart from the convenience of using agents, they’ll enjoy advantages and benefits from using and booking through travel agents. Which is why, millions will still prefer to outsource the task of getting the best deal by use of travel agents. As a consequence? The travel agency remains very much alive and kicking, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Which is where, an entrepreneur looking for a profitable line of business, one who comes to the business with the information and knowledge in this course, combined with the right management approach, will profit considerably from this worldwide business opportunity. Remember, this business comes with a worldwide customer base.

Of course, the world has changed from a couple of decades ago. And, to be successful, the travel agency business model must reflect these changes. The dynamics of the social and economic environment, the demand for sustainable travel, and competition from the world of no-frills airlines and social media savvy platforms and their owners are just some of the ‘new’ realities facing travel agents and the travel sector as a whole.

But building a profitable business model remains more than merely possible – it’s highly achievable. Armed with insights from experienced professionals, whose knowledge underpins the course, you’ll be in a position to attract customers, develop repeat business and maximise profits through an in-depth understanding of the market. Why not enrol on this informative management course for start-up travel agents and get started today!

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