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Top 10 Growth Strategies for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Top 10 Growth Strategies For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

How do start-ups – and existing businesses for that matter – expand into multimillion and multinational businesses valued at tens of millions of dollars/pounds?

In this course, we analyze, discuss, and explain the top 10 growth strategies used to grow and expand businesses in a way which will help you decide which strategy, or a mix of strategies you can use to develop your small business into a bigger business. This award-winning course for business growth strategies is the ideal primer, whether you’re in the planning phase of a new business which you want to expand rapidly, or you’re already up-and-running and have struggled for years, about how to grow and expand your business.
Starting from the basic definitions of growth, this course will help you understand:

1 Growth and time factor – why it’s critical
2 Advantages and disadvantages of growth
3 Pre-growth audit of businesses – why it’s important
4 Relative merits of organic and inorganic growth strategies
5 Franchising – how to franchise and grow your business
6 The Joint Venture path to growth
7 Geographic growth strategy – What it is
8 Exporting your way to expansion and growth
9 Product Diversification
10 Market diversification
11 + much more

This is a course that provides you with deep insight into what you need to know to grow your business. Furthermore, each of the top ten growth strategies is well explained with top-level guidance on the implementation of each strategy; whichever one you choose. Your choice of strategy or mix of strategies will be the cornerstone of increased profitability, expansion, and growth. We leave you to choose.

When the time comes to grow and expand your business, you don’t have to look further than ‘The Top 10 Growth Strategies for Small and Medium Size Businesses.



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