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Childcare Management

Build a Successful Children’s Nursery

Today, for a variety of social and economic reasons, the demand for nursery places has never been greater. And it’s growing. So, a well-run nursery can be an extremely fulfilling – and financially rewarding – business.
But the challenges are significant. Parents demand high standards, as do government bodies such as the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) and the Health and Safety Executive (H&SE), who constantly inspect nurseries to ensure that these expected high standards are being met. On top of this, there are market and commercial pressures which mean that nurseries have to be competitively priced, while offering service excellence. How do nurseries stay profitable in such an environment?
This small business management course explains how successful nurseries balance these competing pressures to become highly viable in financial terms. It demonstrates, in clear and practical ways, the management practices which ensure you meet the high expectations of parents and government bodies, and become an award-winning symbol of excellence in the nursery sector. You’ll learn how to ensure that your nursery is fully subscribed with a long waiting list.
Delivered by tutors with extensive experience in the sector, this nursery management course offers key insights into the factors leading to success in a high-demand – yet highly competitive – business.
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