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9 great reasons to study with the LONSED

Here are some of the reasons why you should study with us:

1 Quality and relevance: course content is based on specialist knowledge and information, gathered directly from experienced heads, who possess industry expertise for each course.
2 Course content: each course is comprehensive in coverage and broad in scope. The syllabus of each course consists of 14 modules, a mix of industry specific and generic knowledge and information focused on critical factors for success of the business course you register for.
3 Easy to understand: we’ve made even the most difficult of business concepts accessible, whatever your background.
4 Valuable insights: the contents of each course provides an invaluable insight into the business you’re learning about.
5 Ideal for the inexperienced: the quality of course contents means that new entrepreneurs can short-circuit any experience gap they may have.
6 Practical and hands-on: each course, is loaded with suggestions and ideas from highly-experienced owner-managers. All courses are underpinned by a balanced mix of good practice theory, practical knowhow and industry knowledge.
7 Affordable: our fees are designed to make each course affordable to any potential or existing manager who wants to set up, or improve the performance of their business.
8 Support: we provide free online support for up to six months after enrolment, and for further block-periods of six months and on a rolling six months basis after that. The subscription for this complimentary service is $65 monthly.
9 You will earn a Certificate of Completion or Diploma of Achievement for your particular course depending on whether you opt for self certification or you go down the route of submitting an assignment unless, you are not studying with us to earn either of the two


Certificates of Completion are awarded on a self-certified basis. Certificates of Achievement are awarded to those who submit, and score over 50% in, three essays in three sections of their choice during the first six months of registration. In other words, your essays must be submitted within the first six months of your registration. However, please remember – submitting essays is not compulsory, particularly if you have registered on a course as a way of gaining knowledge about a particular industry sector, rather than earning certification.